Hello world! It’s Rik… Live from Cali. Welcome to my new blog.

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3 thoughts on “Hello world! It’s Rik… Live from Cali. Welcome to my new blog.”

    1. I’ve been skimming everything. I’m still not sure what is going on. I think you are in S. America. Susan Louise Darnell. Oh. Interesting read on Aury. Thanks for catching us up. As for you. God is giving you a wonderful wide open world. I’m so happy for you. And as I recall, I don’t recall you being a bad dad. Still, some sons want their dad around. Austin didn’t talk to me for 3 years. Now all is well again. We have a family psychologist and that works wonders.

  1. Glad you made it safely. I will be watching for more reports of the adventures of Riki Humboldt. Saw Aury yesterday. He had another MRI where he had to drink the barium and all. He won’t get the results until next week but the barium had a bad effect on him re: gas, bloating, inflamed, etc. He said he was just very uncomfortable and lots of gas.

    Stay safe!

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