Golly, Golly, I’m in Cali…

Sunday 11 AM – El Viajero hostel –

Hola! This hostel is nearly full. Different people come and go on a regular basis. There is a new contingent of folks in my 10 room dorm. Japanese. They nearly always travel in packs. This pack consists of 2 couples.  Other dorm mates are Brits and Germans.

The Japanese and myself were the first ones up this AM to get to the breakfast  that is included as part of this hostel’s lodging scheme.  Breakfast buffet is available from 8 to 10 AM. Arrayed on the bar near the pool in separate insulated push top carafes are hot coffee and hot milk. In Colombia and other parts of S. America, many people mix their coffee with hot milk, half and half. There are many that prefer their coffee black… as elsewhere. Next to the carafes are  pitchers full of cold milk and one of liquid yogurt, a basket of slices of fresh sweet bread, a plate of sliced fresh mango, two party size bowls filled with corn flakes. Next to these items are utensils, small plates, bowls and coffee cups.

Sunday mornings start a little slow at most hostels that cater to 20/30 something international clientele. They tend to be well educated, in between course work or done with it, taking a breather, or between jobs. They mostly tend to be just out for a ‘good time’.  Usually (as one might expect) this includes looking to hook up with fellow travelers for intimate moments either frivolous or tinged with hope for ‘a future’. In any case, there is much imbibing of alcohol and hence, the slow Sunday start.

Saturday night was (surprising to me) much quieter than Friday night. Friday night I was wakened at least 3 different times by various groups of revelers re entering the hostel. Usually, they are very inebriated and have little regard for the volume of their voices. Friday night a group that was leaving early flipped on the lights in the room and began rummaging around for their gear. This was at 5AM.

Last night was quiet. I went to bed around 10PM hoping to get some sleep expecting a repeat or worse. It never happened. Nice. Got some real sleep.

At this moment I am sitting at a picnic style table facing the pool. Overhead is a 20x35foot shed roof made with large bamboo poles and sheathed by bamboo slats. The roof is supported by artistically arranged bamboo poles. There are two trees that project through the roof, one of which serves as the center of a tall round bar table surrounded by wooden bar stools. There is music playing. A mix of techno pop, and Latin Salsa. It is a tad bit loud (for me).  The bar is not open. The breakfast buffet is completely cleaned up and absent.

Most of the people I see are sitting around staring at their smart phones or tablets. These devices are ubiquitous. It is clear that this current generation of international humans are going to be ‘relating’ as much to the electronic screens they hold or place themselves in front of as they are to the actual, living, breathing human beings around them.

Nature demands that one must adapt to the conditions of one’s environment. Adapt or become irrelevant, uninteresting, and/or dead.

On that note, I will now transfer many of my photo and video files from this computer and from my camera’s SD card to a newly acquired 1 TB portable hard drive. My intention is to give some time, energy and attention to these things such that I can develop the skills to manipulate the stored, frozen images, both still and moving that constitute moments of my adventures.

Why people are interested in experiencing someone else’s past moments is a question I will leave to those who are.  My (current, self-appointed) job is to record an inventory of my adventures/experiences and to arrange them in entertaining and interesting ways.


3 thoughts on “Golly, Golly, I’m in Cali…”

  1. the answer rik is we wish to learn from those who have gone before us” what to do” and “what not to do”… your adventures give us insight to a world some can only dream of being a part of

  2. Hi Rik,

    Don’t forget to go to the “sample page” and delete the fake info and put in its place stuff about you.

  3. I just get keep reading this part over and over again and get misty eyed….”At this moment I am sitting at a picnic style table facing the pool.” You do know it’s 20 degrees here with a howling wind? 🙂

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