Uploads inroads outmodes and overloads

It's good to be the  king

Inroads– As you can plainly see, I am applying my diplomatic skills in a manner that befits a man of my stature.  That’s me with my feet in the pool surrounded on all sides by nubile, international, bikini clad chicas.

Uploads– Hey, I did it! My first uploaded picture to any blog ever!  Now that’s a little progress. This was my primary goal for the day.

Outmodes– I guess that to be a ‘modern human’ requires one to not be sitting on ones hands. No sooner than when we become accustomed to some new gadget of modern technology, (‘ was going to get a new zing phone from zapple made in central east pre prussia, but then I found out that they don’t make them in fuscia or puce’) or fashion in dress or look, (‘hey man, what do you think of my new toe piercing’ … ‘I just got a tattoo on the inside of my left ear’) or  speech, (‘shiny’)  or even way of perception, (‘it’s those goddam left handed blonde siberian hermaphrodites emigrating to linguanaland that are causing all the problems’) just then something NEWER comes along and… whammmo!  we are required to adapt to the ‘new’ thing, which requires more research, more decisions, more attention, more time.

Fuck it, dude, let’s go rafting.  Bowling is sooooooo yesterday.

Overloads– Apart from achieving the goal of actually uploading a picture to this blog, my next major goal of the day is to get rid of a congested schnozola. Slept better last night than the night before (thanks to my new inhaler) but was troubled by a stuffy nose. The kind that makes you breathe through your mouth. You know the rest. Dry mouth, sneezing and tossing and turning.

Decided to cool my heels poolside while checking out the chicas. I could do worse.  The Amazon will be there next week… and the next.  I will move on when these minor (but annoying) discomforts subside.

Hope all is well where ever you may be.