Completed another trip around the sun aboard spaceship earth!

Thanksgiving day Nov 28, 2013, 7PM, Cali

Today I rack up another full circuit around the sun since my current form exited my mother’s womb. That event took place in Cleveland, Ohio at 3:30PM (for those of you who may be interested to keep track of such things).

Today I find myself in the company of some very lively young folks from all over… Germany, England, Brussels, France, Australia, Estados Unidos, Spain, Argentina, Colombia, and I am sure a few others. These are twenty to thirty something folks who are out exploring the world. The ‘economic woes’ do not seem to have put much of a damper on these folks getting here. This place is packed.  They come and they go. Most stay for fewer than three days and they move on to other cities, towns, countries.

Met some folks from London yesterday. Hello/Goodbye to Lydia and Luke. Luke studied architecture and was surprised to learn that I knew a great deal about Buckminster Fuller. He was amazed to hear of my dome exploits. Luke spent some time inventing his own very unique laminar dome shape/structure. He made a working model.  Lovely couple.

P1000068Here is a picture of  the bamboo shed roof that covers tables and a bar (to the right)

Have noticed that my posts seem too long. Will make an effort to keep the length of each entry to 500 words or less, so long as I am posting daily. I may shift and change my habits around this as the internet service may get a bit iffy when I get on the river. I will then send my ‘I’m OK’ message with the Spot device, whenever I’m in between internet connections. If I find myself posting less than daily I will allow myself a few more words per post.

This is all situation dependent, of course.  Even though every day is an adventure unto itself. Some days are bound to be filled with more interesting tales than others. To say nothing of the various mood levels that I will be experiencing.  Writers report that if you are to maintain the discipline, then you need to write every day… no matter ‘how you feel’.  This is a good medium in which to practice that.

Thank you for being my audience. Every writer/artist needs to feel as though he/she is actually communicating with someone.

I miss everyone back in NH.  I miss the turkey. Maybe I ‘m not there in the flesh but we are united.  I am some kind of a link between EVERYONE with whom I connect. You are ALL part of my family.

Intercultural note:  Watched a newscast from England.  One report was from Plymouth NH. The owner/manager of the Sears outlet there is outraged that newly instituted ‘corporate policy’ now require her to be open on Thanksgiving day.  She is not going to do it, standing on ‘community standards’ grounds. Court battle ahead.

Happy Thanksgiving!




5 thoughts on “Completed another trip around the sun aboard spaceship earth!”

  1. Happy Belated Birthday!
    “Never regret growing older…it is a privilege denied to many!” (I always add this as a reminder but really don’t think it is necessary for you, ha! ha!)

    Reading your blogs when I have time. They’re good…maybe when you “retire” and “settle down” (OMG! did I really say that?) you can publish a book or whatever the new technology of the day will be when you are many years older.

    Hope you had a good day and now we need to find a name for the day in 2013 that was your birthday, Thanksgiving and the beginning of Hanukkah. (thankhanuhumboldt?) I’m sure you can come up with something more creative 🙂

    Carry on!

    1. Thank you, Susan, for joining me in some of my earlier adventures! You were a participant, witness… and always a good friend.

  2. Happy Belated BDay Uncle Rik.
    I’d been wondering where you are and what you’re up to.
    Auri told me about this blog.

    Much more of the crap in this country and I’ll be lookin’ to catch up with ya.



    1. Thanks ghost, Nice quote. Hey, if we’re going to write our own life’s story, why not make it a happy one. Mine started out seeming like a tragedy, but I’ve been reworking that script for a while… turning it into a comedy. The symbols of the masks that early Greeks wore in their ‘theater’, part of Greek religious belief, seems to ring an analogous echo. (‘Tragedy’ and ‘Comedy’… deemed by some to be flip sides of the same coin)

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