Thoughts Between Otavalo To Banos

CentralOtavalo(My pic) Central park in Otavalo

This post is playing ‘catch up’… arrived Banos 3 nights ago.

Here are a few ideas about how the experience of looking out of a bus window might be  analogous to the experience of forming ones ‘worldview’.

Imagine you are on a bus and looking out the window. You are in a window seat on the left side of the bus. Your view, therefore is approximately 90 degrees (to the left) of the direction that the bus is traveling.  Now, imagine that the bus is on a two lane road with a center dividing strip. Along the route, in the center dividing strip are planted trees at regular and irregular intervals. On the other side of the center dividing strip is the other lane of traffic traveling in the opposite direction from you, you see cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles heading your direction and you see the left side of them as they pass your window.

One the other side of the road there are shops and houses and yards with trees and animals and people in the yards. You can see that just to the rearof the houses is a steep decline.  You can see that the decline goes down to a river.  You can occasionally see the river. Off in the distance you can see the other side of the river and you see that the terrain begins to slope upwards. Further off in the distance, you see that the incline crests and beyond it you see that there is another mountain chain behind it. You see the sky and clouds above those distant mountains.

BusQuitoQuitumbe bus station in Quito taken while waiting for bus to Banos

What I have described above is a series of parallel features of a passing landscape. There is the 1st ‘layer’ of the trees in  the center strip that pass by your view not more than 4 feet from your window. There is the oncoming traffic ‘layer’ that passes by your window maybe 20 feet away.  There are the varying ‘depths’ of objects in the scenery on the other side of the road, beyond the oncoming traffic; the roadside stands (25 feet), the shops and houses (between 50 and 75 feet), the trees and people and animals (between 25 and 75 feet). There is the river a distance down from the slope behind the shops, houses, trees, people, animals, (300 to 600 feet).  There is the scenery on the other side of the river and up the slope on the other side (200 yards to a 3/4 of a mile). There is the mountain crest  beyond the crest of the immediate one (3 to 5 miles or more). There are the clouds above and beyond the distant mountain crests (5 to 15 miles or more).

Your eyes and your brain process ALL of these parallel features simultaneously as you look out your window, and as the bus is in constant forward motion. The road the bus is on is not straight, it has many curves. The road is not on flat terrain. The bus route has inclines and declines as well as the curves. Your eyes, your brain, and your MIND process all of these passing images/features and movements as they occur to appear out your window.

Are you experiencing BEING with all of those images/features as you pass through the land? In some mysterious way, you must be because you ‘take them all in’ as they pass before your eyes.  There is not  time nor opportunity to become ‘personally involved’ nor to develop ‘opinions’ about any particular image or feature, but you do ‘take them all in’, do you not?  This is what seems to me to be an example of ‘observing without judgement’, and without ’emotional attachment’. There is nothing to lose nor gain by simply being the observer of the passing views.

One can only experience, now.  There is no such actual thing or place as ‘past’. There is no such actual thing or place ‘future’. Notice the operative verb: ‘is’.

Now, for the real mind bender.  What if everything is ALL ‘now’? What if (as in looking out the window of the bus) it’s ALL one enormous simultaneous event? What if there is no ‘separate’ anything? What if there are no ‘different’ times or places or individual components?  What if, (like looking out the bus window) our ‘consciousness’, creates individuation and otherness because we are not yet practiced enough to ‘take it all in’ alexgrey_vajrayana_1240204364_1240219437simultaneously?

If you find the above observation useful to you in some ‘parallel’ way, please put it to use in some pleasing way for yourself and others .  If not, that’s OK too. Nothing is wrong.

Have been noticing that everywhere there are experiences that lead me to contemplate life as ‘omniplex’.  (Vajrayana, the diamond way… one pathway to ‘enlightenment’… Gee whiz, kids!… are all those rituals really necessary? )

Meanwhile, back to describing the journey.  (de scribing… isn’t that…  un writing? mmmm)

On to the next post.



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