Am in Tena at the moment.  Am posting this entry from a sidewalk  internet cafe.  Good thing is that I remembered my id and password to log on.  That means that my memory is still working fairly well. Bad thing is that my computer decided to act up. Temporarily unable to upload pics, till I get my puter back.

Last night  computer failed to charge. Don´t know if  the problem is the charging unit itself or the connection into the computer.  Brought the charging unit with me to Tena to see if I could locate a tech who can help.  Located a tech but was told that I need to bring not only the charging cable, but need to have the laptop as well.

It being mid Saturday and it being so that my hostel is about 45 minutes from here, and I need to catch a bus to get there, and tomorrow being Sunday (closed), it looks like I will be without a means of blogging properly until Tueday at the earliest.

Had the most restful sleep last night that I´ve had in over a week. Sleep was disturbed a few times by monkeys clamoring around on my tin roof overhead. They do make a racket. Then; begins the crowing of roosters… followed by the gradually increasing street noises of truck engines and doors slamming,  as the town becomes fully awake. All towns have a rhythm and a beat of their own.

Misahualli may be a sleepy little jungle ville, but it has it´s own unique sense of sound and of time. Two rivers converge there. The Misahualli, and the Napo.

Before a road was built between Tena and Coca (also known as Francisco de Orellana) the only way to get to Coca was by river. It is in the town of Coca where I will be boarding my first boat down the Napo river.  If you Google map or Google Earth either Misahualli or Coca, you can see the route. It will be a winding one. I will enter Peru in Pantoja.  From there, several tiny river villes later, I will arrive at Iquitos… on the great Amazon river.

Taking the new meds faithfully, as prescribed. Was up and down about five times to use the bathroom (was encouraged to drink a lot of water)  but my breathing is much improved and my nasal passages remained unblocked throughout the night. Much improved sleep condition.

I will kick this respiratory thing in the butt once and for all. The enjoyment of the future experience demands it.

Despit the fact that this place is clearly not the USofA, it is evident that folks here are pretty much the same as elsewhere.  They have families, friends, jobs, hobbies, tv, internet, smart phones, tablets, sports, music, beliefs, governments, taxes, áuthorities´ … etc.  They may handle the above in slightly different ways, but they are present issues. Seems to me that the differences between people´s behaviors stem from differences in their relative, immediate natural environment and the habits that were formed from dealing with the respective natural environment.

Different environmental factors demand different ´survival strategies´.  Apart from those differences, human beings are pretty much the same everywhere.

Will enter next post when I return to Tena with my charging device AND my laptop. (Monday)