Francisco De Orellana

I just spent over an hour creating a fairly complete new post and was about to hit publish and whammo this computer shut down. (am at an internet cafe… my puter is not charging)

This will be short. I will edit it later.

Am in Francisco de Orellana, directly on the Napo river. The place is known to locals as Coca.

My puter wont charge so here is a photo link to the place:

I did send an IM OK signal with the Spot device last night. There were builidings around. I did make an effort to be near clear sky. Do not know if message was delivered.

Am boarding a boat to Nuevo Rocafuerte tomorrow morning. Boat departs 7:30AM. I was instructed to be on the pier with all my poop in a group by 7AM. Will do that. Not hard really, the front door of my hostel is about a 30 second walk to the pier.

Bought the ticket this morning. This service is run by the municipality of Francisco de Orellana, locally known as simply Coca. There was an office named Fransicco de Oreallana  Fluvial Transporte right at the port. There are 3 other services available. Two private and one other municipal service run by Nuevo Rocafuerte, where I am headed.

Ticket price: 15 dollars.  Was informed that the journey is expected to take about 8 hours. Expected time to tie up at the Nuevo Rocafuerte dock: about 4:30PM.

My cough is going away and I have finished my 5 days of anti biotic treatment. Sleep is much improved. Nasal congestion is under control.

Will have Spot device, with fresh batteries, on tomorrow during the journey. If left on, it will automatically send a track signal every 10 minutes. I will not leave it on all the time. Plan to turn it on for 10 to 15 minutes of every hour or so of the trip.  The river is wide enough that there will be open sky all around.  Will send an IM OK message when I locate my hostel in Nuevo Rocafuerte.

Am hot and tired. Got a lot done today in preparation for the trip.  Will get a good nights rest and be ready to board the vessel heading to Nuevo Rocafuerte (also on the Napo) tomorrow AM. Will post something from there, if there is internet servise. Might be possible, might not. If not, I will be faithful in sending the Spot signals. Plan to be in Nuevo Rocafuerte for maybe two days at most… then board another boat… next stop… is Pantoja… first stop in Peru.

May the FORCE be with you.