Quistococha Reserve, Pink Fresh Water River Dolphins


Iquitos is a loud and busy place. 25,000 mototaxis ply the  streets for business. It is said to have close to half a million inhabitants.

Have pictures of Belem. The ‘Venice’  of Iquitos or of Peru. It is considered a district of Iquitos.  People build their homes on balsa rafts. There are electric utility poles running through parts of the district.  Cannot tell how they put in concrete poles. Maybe these areas are dry during some of the year.  Belem is home to the cities poorest.  You still need to get a permit to built your floating home but the cost per year is negligable.

The market is nothing short of stunning.  Jungle medicines… packets of Ayhuasca in powder or conconctions in bottles are seen on display in parts of the market. Fish of recognizable and (to me) non descript nomenclature are seen. Meat of butchered turtles, and caiman are vended. Fruits and vegetables of kinds I have never seen. Amazing place.

After my  traveling companions (from Nuevo Rocafuete to Iquitos) left, I spent a couple more nights in Iquitos. Then found out how to travel by road to Nauta, a Westbound journey on the only (public) road in the Western Amazon basin.

Will devote this entry to Quistococha when I can upload pics. It was there that I witnessed the antics of a trained pink river dolphin. I was gifted with a  watercolor painting created by this delightful creature. Have video of him grasping the brush in his teeth and gently applying the paint to the piece of paper that was held by one of it´s trainers.  Amazing!

More later. Just wanted to create a blog space that I can edit/add to later.