P1030019 Kuleap; Fortress of the Chachapoyans… The Cloud People

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Have been in Chachapoyas for five days. Almost did not come here because it requires backtracking to continue the Amazon river part of this adventure.

When I depart  Chacha (that is what the locals call it sometimes) and backtrack through Tarapoto will then head South and pass through the towns of Juanjui, Tocache and Tingo Maria. From Tingo Maria will head East to Pucallpa where I will book passage on a large cargo vessel and return to Iquitos on the Ucayali river. On that vessel will hang my hammock among the hundreds of others for whom that method of river travel is common.

Almost stopped practicing my own good advice. That being; that if you want to see or experience something you had better do it now because if you wait you may never experience it. That, and if you do get around to doing it, the place that you want to see may not exist any more, surely, it will not exist as it does now.

I decided to follow my own good advice and get on with it. Very glad I did.  Lots of things to see and do in Chachapoyas that can only be experienced here. One of those is Kuleap.



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