Paradise Paradox

P1110827Departed Banos de Agua Santa about five days ago. I reported about that place in a previous blog entry. Not much has changed there since my last visit. Wonderful town. Adventure sports capital of Ecuador. The caldera of volcano Tungurahua sits above the town. During my last visit it rumbled and spat fire and rained ash all over the town. This visit it was quiet.  The subterranean heat is responsible for the wonderful municipal hot baths.

P1110740P1110788P1110781P1110751The bus from Banos took me to Puyo where I changed buses and arrived in Macas in late afternoon. Spent one night in a hotel across from the bus station.

The following noon, I was on another bus which arrived in Limon/Indanza, also in the early afternoon. I had traveled this route before and was always curious about Limon. Checked into my tiny room in a hostal that sits directly on the main road and serves as the local bus stop. I walked around Limon a bit. It became evident very quickly that this was not a place I would want to live. People are nice, but the town itself had a depressed feel to it. It is a small rural town that sits astride a river like nearly all (if not all) towns on the Eastern slopes of the Andes.

Next morning I hopped another bus to Gualaquiza. At the bus station in Gualaquiza I loaded myself and my unusually copious amount of gear onto an open truck like transport with seven wooden benches and room for five people on each bench. This vehicle was going to Pangui. In Pangui I was lucky to catch a ride on one of the large buses to Zamora.  I am writing this entry from my very nice room in a hostal there. Tonight will be my third night in Zamora.

On my first night in Zamora, I was feeling alone and a little down. I remember sending a few emails that illustrated just how tired and down I was. Gotta be cautious around that ‘send’ key sometimes.

The following morning, I arose, had a small breakfast and went out to explore and take pictures.  I had been in Zamora before so I knew the layout. It is a small town of fewer than 20k inhabitants.

I do not travel with a firm agenda.  I like to let the Spirit move me. I like the idea of…  living in the moment… and thus making myself available for unexpected wonders that often lurk just around the corner. I hailed a passing cab and asked how much he would charge to be my guide for the afternoon.  I often feel gently nudged by forces unseen… benevolent forces.

I have had a dream (self-projected vision ?) for a long time: To have a small piece of property directly adjacent to a waterfall… where I will build a small house in which to live… and at this location I will celebrate my 120th birthday party that will be attended by people from all over.

I think of this place as a parcel of personal paradise.  I envision maintaining relationships with people in other parts of the world and I see myself giving talks and leading presentations… ‘The Marble Game’ (I created)… and having a blog… and encouraging people to invent ‘best case scenarios’ for the world… and then I will often retreat back to this spot next to the waterfall to recharge and refresh my soul. Those visions and ideas have been part of my life for many years.

Then,  one summer afternoon, I caught myself being mesmerized by a vision of beauty and found myself awash in a most powerful wave of magnetic attraction.  If there is anything to the existence of soul mates; we have met one another. This is my sense of it.

By conventional wisdom a person my age is most often considered to be beyond being moved by Love. Yet, I am feeling the kind of inspiration that only Love can weave. I am inspired to be the best me that I can. That includes maintaining not only a young at heart attitude, but it also means paying careful attention to maintaining my physical body. Hey; I’m going to live to 120 (or beyond).  Am excited at the prospect of creating, experiencing and sharing a continued Life that is punctuated by moments of expansive joy. To live into that future requires ongoing self-maintenance.

Everything has changed for me as a result of meeting her. I am now rearranging my ideas. Previously, I dreamed of myself as the solitary monk by the waterfall, who would occasionally venture into the civilized world to share wisdom gleaned from a life of contemplation.  Now, visions of my intimate other are included in my projections.  The truth is…  that I am so moved and touched by her that I would happily surrender my previous vision if that is what was required to have a future with her.

The Possibility of Paradise exists. What of living into a shared version of a ‘best case scenario’ created by two minds and hearts … replacing  the solitary monk version?

To some, the idea of existing in beautiful year round weather, with abundant clean air, clean water, fresh local food grown in volcanic mineral soil as created by more Natural means (rather than food sponsored by corporate chemistry), breathing negatively charged ions from a waterfall, and sharing the adventure of Life with a most amazing, creative, intelligent and  beautiful person one had ever known… maybe sounds kind of crazy…

I have been to, submerged myself in, and drunk the waters from five different waterfalls in the past two days. Crazy, huh?

Then, some big kids come along and threaten to kick sand in the faces of the  little kids in what had been a very happy sandbox.

How long will it take for those greedy kids to see that  Paradise is   vastly more valuable than a piles of gold or tankers full of crude?

Trouble in Paradise..?


Money in Paradise…? What is it? Who’s got it? How do the big kids make it?

And the Common People join in the fray… Can you hear the trumpets of the cavalry… reinforcements are on the way…  Paradise saved:

Oh, but what a most wonderful and precariously precious thing it is… This Paradox of Paradise.