Exited Ecuador… En Route to Yumbilla Falls


I promised myself (in the Chachapoyas to Pucallpa post: 2014/03/22) that if I were to return to this area I would hike the Yumbilla falls trail. That is my immediate ‘self-assigned’ misson.

I get asthmatic symptoms in the Ecuadorian highlands in the wet season. My body is not adapted to the 3000 different types of plant pollen that get hammered off the plants from the rain in the highlands and then drift on the wind, eventually finding their way to my nose and air passageways. To complicate things further, a few weeks ago I got a ‘bug’ of some kind (others in Vicabamba complained of it, as well).

Crossed the Ecuador/Peru border on the afternoon of Feb 6th.  Have pics and vids of the journey which I will post here later.

Have been resting up for three days in Jaen.  Regaining my strength from the recent bout(s) of bronchial issues. A lady at the pharmacy gave me nine capsules of amoxycilin. (yes, you can buy things like this directly at a pharmacy… just accurately describe your symptoms and the pharmacist will recommend their best guess) Caveat Emptor is the norm in many placed in South America. So, I look up any medications that may be offered and then I try them out for a few days to see if there are any improvements. (I know that Amoxycilin is ineffective on any ‘viral’  issue)

That said; after three days of taking it as prescribed (and much bed rest) I am feeling a little stronger. More good news is that my asthmatic symptoms seem to be improving.

I am now fed, clean, and packed. Ready to make the move toward Bagua Grande, then on to Perdo Ruiz… then see if I can get a mototaxi to take me to the small highland village a Cuispes, from where I will start the Yubilla falls hike.

A good friend recommended that I:

“…Get a new step in my walk…”.

Great advice from a very wise brother.

I am off to create that  ‘New step in my walk’.

More later…  for those who remain interested.

Adios, for now.